“Inside Out 2” cast debunks fan theories, including whether “Toy Story”'s Andy and Riley share a dad

"This is like 'General Hospital,'" quips Tony Hale.

Pixar fans love devising elaborate theories about the studio's beloved movies, and even though its latest hasn't hit theaters yet, Inside Out 2 is proving to be no exception. So, to help separate fact from fiction, we gathered the voice cast from the upcoming sequel and presented them with some of the wildest theories.

In the video above, Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke, Lewis Black, Liza Lapira, and Tony Hale weigh in on everything from how color theory could inform new emotions (you'll have to watch to understand that one, er, maybe) to a hypothesis that 4*Town, the boy band from Turning Red, also exists in this world,

"As members of the Illuminati, we thank you for joining us today," Poehler jokes.

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"How does somebody have the time to do this?" Black quips about the various intricate theories. "This is beyond fandom."

Whether that's valid or not, there's plenty to dissect, including a particularly gross postulation that the emotions are actually mind-controlling bacteria ("I didn't like that," says Poehler) and another claiming that Pixar's Elemental takes place in Riley's limbic system (what?).

<p>Disney/Pixar</p> The emotions of 'Inside Out 2'


The emotions of 'Inside Out 2'

Perhaps the most intriguing theory suggests that Riley and Toy Story's Andy share a father (the core evidence being that when grown-up Andy goes off to college, he strongly resembles Riley's dad without a mustache). Poster "xxxcarnage" further posits that Andy's parents got divorced after his mom discovered his dad cheating with Riley's mom. Then, after the split, Andy's dad and Riley's mom raised Riley together.

"This, to me, says more about 'xxxcarnage' than it does about Inside Out," muses Poehler, as Hale adds, "That is carnage, man. This is like General Hospital."

Other debates include whether each emotion has its own emotional headquarters. "Do the emotions have emotions?" asks Poehler. "That's an M.C. Escher loop that never ends."

Adds Hale: "Are the new emotions more coping systems than the basic ones? It's like how you cover up the core ones rather than getting to the core."

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For Hawke, who plays a new emotion, Anxiety, all the theories point to a very human engagement with creativity. "My favorite thing about human beings is that not only do we have dreams and ideas and tell stories," she says. "We then tell stories about each other’s stories; we write songs about each other’s songs; we make movies about each other movies. It’s really an endless wormhole, but it’s one of my favorite wormholes in the world. There’s nothing more inspiring than great art."

<p>Disney/Pixar</p> The emotions of 'Inside Out 2'


The emotions of 'Inside Out 2'

As you might expect of the mercurial comedian, Black has a slightly different view on the abundance of theories. "This is a level at which this is psychotic," he concludes. "It's an odd thing to go into in depth. Just enjoy it on June 14th. Go there, sit down, zip it, have a good time, and don't worry about the rest of it. There's other things to concern yourself with, like your own emotions."

Watch the video above for more.

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