'That is Insane': Holidaymaker Films Waterspout Off Panama City Beach

A holidaymaker spotted a waterspout off Panama City Beach, Florida, on August 25, amid a weather warning issued by the National Weather Service (NWS).

Sara Sparrow filmed the waterspout from a hotel balcony. “That is insane,” Sparrow says multiple times throughout the footage. “I feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The NWS issued a special marine warning for the area on Thursday and said a waterspout was observed. Credit: Sara Sparrow via Storyful

Video transcript

- All right, guys I just come out of the bathroom. And I looked out in the sky, and I saw this cloud coming down over the ocean. That is crazy. Check it out.

- It's all the way to the water. You can see the water.

- Oh my gosh, that is insane. [CLEARS THROAT]

- It's heading right at us.

- It's really far away. [LAUGHS]


- Ooh, it's raining, too. Can you tell it's raining? Wow, that is insane. [LAUGHS] It is really far away.

- They kind of need to warn people to get out of the pool.

- No, it is so far away. Look at how far away it is. It's so far away.

- You know how fast that can move?

- Yeah, but it's so far away. We're checking out this-- what we think is a waterspout coming out of the sky.

- Oh, it is.

- Oh my god. [LAUGHS]

- Hey.

- Holy Toledo. [LAUGHS] This is so cool. I feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know. It's getting longer.

- They better get them out.

- This is insane,

- Dude, I don't know, but some people need to get out of the water.

- It doesn't look as big. It's long.


- Yeah, it's totally moving.

- It's about the right temperature.


- They probably cancelled screamer. I don't see it out there. It's 6:20. They'd be out of the water right now.


- There it goes. It's going away.

- There's a freaking tornado up here. [LAUGHS]

- Time to go to Red Lobster.

- We're going to Red Lobster.

- Gonna eat a lobster.

- Gonna eat a lobster.

- [LAUGHS] They're like [INAUDIBLE].


- Oh, there goes the thunder again.

- And it's gone. Wow, you guys. [INAUDIBLE].

- That was cool. That was a cool experience.


- Oh my gosh, I know Ashley. That's going to be so fun. We're going to have a fun school year.

- All right, let's go.

- All right, off to dinner.


- Thanks for watching.