‘It Was Insane’: Billie Eilish Opens Up About Being ‘Ghosted’ By A ‘Little Pathetic Man’

Even Billie Eilish has dealt with the ups and downs of the dating world.

While appearing on Monday’s episode of the BBC podcast “Miss Me?” hosted by singer Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver, the pop star, 22, reflected on being “ghosted” by a man she had “known for years.”

Ghosting is a term for abruptly ending contact with a friend or romantic interest without warning or explanation.

“I had a crazy ghosting happen actually this December. It was insane,” Eilish said, before noting it was “probably the craziest one that’s ever happened to me.”

The “Ocean Eyes” crooner then jokingly recalled how the sudden loss of communication made her wonder if the guy had passed away.

“I was like, ‘Did you die? Did you literally die?’” Eilish said, laughing. “It was somebody that I’d also known for years and had a plan, day of, on the phone, making a plan, this is my address, be there at 3 — never heard from him again. Ever. I couldn’t believe it.”

The singer-songwriter didn’t name-drop the mystery guy’s name but went on to reveal that she still hasn’t heard from him.

“I was like, ‘What a fucking little pathetic man. What a tiny little man,’” adding, “It was literally unbelievable. To this day, never texted me again.”

Eilish went on to tell the hosts, “I didn’t know people still [ghost others]. I genuinely didn’t know people did that.”

The nine-time Grammy winner’s comments come a little over a year after she confirmed her split from The Neighbourhood frontman, Jesse Rutherford, in May 2023.

Though Eilish has kept her romances largely out of the limelight, she has also been previously linked to rapper Brandon “Q” Adams and actor Matthew Tyler Vorce.

Back in December, the musician got candid about coming out in her Variety Power of Women cover story.

“I didn’t realize people didn’t know [about my attraction to women],” she told Variety at its Hitmakers event at the time. “I just don’t really believe in it. I’m just like, ‘Why can’t we just exist?’ I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I just didn’t talk about it. Whoops.”

Watch Eilish’s full interview below.