Inland Sea Forms in Rural New South Wales After Severe Flooding

One of the flattest expanses of land on Earth has been turned into a veritable inland sea after weeks of extremely heavy rain in New South Wales.

Hair-raising footage recorded by Karen Nisbet shows her vehicle driving along a barely visible road surrounded by a vast expanse of water across the submerged Hay Plains.

Nisbet told Storyful that she had “never seen anything like it,” and urged locals to avoid driving down closed roads. She came across the newly formed sea as she was helping the council deliver sandbags to local villages, she said.

Praising the council for their handling of the situation, she said: “We have great infrastructure here, it’s amazing. We live 250 km from anywhere, we are pretty much isolated communities so we rely on one another.” Credit: Karen Nisbet via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh my god. Look how fast it's coming through. Is that road still there?

You have four-wheel drive, right?

What we're traveling is coming into Maude.