Injured sea turtle gets regular handouts from generous fishermen

Scarface is a sea turtle with a lot of character. Injured badly at a young age, he lost one eye and still has the scars that gave him his name. But he does well for a turtle with only half the usual vision, partly because local fishermen in the area have taken a liking to him. Scarface comes and goes freely, but he makes a daily appearance in this protected marine park off the coast of San Pedro Island. Fishermen bring their catch here to clean it before going back to shore and heading to the market. They bring conch shells here and discard the old shells on the ocean floor. The meat is dropped into a cooler for their sales, but some of it never reaches the market. Instead, it goes to this hungry turtle. Scarface finds their boat and flaps around at the side with his gaping jaws wide open. He looks more like a hungry baby bird than a wild sea turtle as he opens his beak and demands food. Laughing and talking to him like an old friend, the fishermen use tongs to give him some of their catch. These swimmers were brought to this area between dives by their dive master, Nito, known as Big Sexy. They had been following the sharks, rays and other creatures around the marine park when they caught on to this incredible sight. Completely entertained, they filmed Scarface and the fishermen. Big Sexy explained that Scarface was a juvenile turtle and that the fishermen had taken pity on him due to his injuries. They saw him as a comical and endearing character and they explained that he would eat their entire catch if they allowed him to. Scarface is a famous turtle who has made an appearance in many tourist videos. He's a very popular turtle among the tourists and locals alike.