Injured Platypus Recovers at Australia Wildlife Conservation Center

An injured platypus was brought under the care of a wildlife conservation center in Beerwah, Queensland, and has been steadily recovering, caretakers said on Monday, October 11.

This video filmed by the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors on September 29 shows Billie the platypus cuddled up and nuzzling a blanket. “This sweet girl, who came to us after being found in a creek with injuries to her face and feet, has been showing signs of improvement,” the wildlife center wrote in a caption. “With ongoing treatment and lots of love, we will continue to monitor her health!”

The center posted footage on Monday showing Billie enjoying an afternoon swim. “She is an absolute legend, and we could not be prouder of how far she’s come in her journey with us,” they wrote. Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors via Storyful

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