Injured Lebanese man reignites metalwork passion

STORY: Imad Hilal turned to his childhood passion: metalwork

after having a severe accident at work

Location: Qarnayel, Lebanon

(Imad Hilal, Metalsmith)

“I used to work in sculpting rocks and tiles, I had a big accident, and it affected my legs and I was not able to continue in that field. So I opened a small workshop near my house and I started developing it. Thank God with perseverance and experience I started working (with this craft).”

Hilal runs his own workshop where he uses old vehicle parts to craft his products

He makes everything from axes and swords

to combat and tactical knives

“We manufacture socp daggers. The American one is almost 230 grams, but we did a similar high quality one with the same dimensions but weighs 70 grams. The Italian troops who train the Lebanese army from the Ministry of Defense came here to this workshop and tested it.”