Injured Cat Rescued From Fawn Fire in Northern California

A northern California woman who rescued a cat injured in the Fawn Fire says the animal has been nursed back to health after being found with severe burns on a property destroyed by the wildfire.

Footage shared by Donna Lynne on October 1 shows the cat – now named Fawn – gobbling down her breakfast and enjoying belly scratches.

Lynne, the owner of a sanctuary for feral cats and a cattery for unwanted domestic felines, has documented her interactions with Fawn, including the early stages of their relationship and her health improvements.

“I bathed her as she was covered in toxic ash, cleaned her burns, then soaked her in iodine tea to try and sterilize her burned body,” Lynne told Storyful. “Her entire body was badly singed, her feet burned to the point she has no rear nails, her ear tips are melted.”

“She was pretty scared and shut down at first,” she said. “She would burrow under her blanket and softy mew out of pain. Now she purrs and enjoys my touch, but she still shakes with pain which is heartbreaking.”

The 8,578-acre Fawn Fire had destroyed 185 structures and damaged 26 others as of Friday, when it was 95 percent contained, according to Cal Fire. Credit: Donna Lynne via Storyful

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