Ingenious Way Of Catching Termites For Food In Kenya

All over the world, what people eat varies greatly. What we consider inedible might be a delicacy in other cultures. While North Americans have access to fast food and grocery stores overflowing with food, people in Africa often go long periods without enough food. Hunger changes one's perspective on what is a good meal. These families in Kenya, Africa rely on termites for a source of protein. When this termite mound erupted with winged termites ready for migration, the nearby villagers came up with an ingenious way of trapping and harvesting as many as possible. They quickly used blankets and tarps to make a tent over the termite mound. The escaping insects were not able to take flight and the families picked them out through an opening on one side. The children in this video are enjoying the extra calories and protein, as well as the taste. Many cultures eat termites and many people find that they taste like carrots. In a world where chicken and beef are unaffordable for most, there is great value in a handful of these large insects. This video in one of several that have been recorded by Naomy, a young woman who lives in this village. She can be heard speaking with the family in this footage. Naomy works very hard to manage a small farm plot where she grows carrots, yams, and corn. Farming is a hard occupation and she is at the mercy of the rains. The soil is poor and her farm plot is a great distance from her home. She uses this small farm to grow food for her family and friends. She also sells a few vegetables for extra income. Naomy also cares for her aged grandparents who raised her. Naomy has partnered with David, a video editor from Canada who runs this channel. Together, they use Naomyès videos to supplement her income. Naomy receives 100% of the earnings from views on her content. It is a small, but important source of income for this beautiful family. The funds will also help her pay for schooling for Emmanuel, a boy she took in as her own, several years ago. The family has also struggled with some medical bills. If you would like to help Naomy, this link will put money directly in their pocket. David will be happy to answer any questions you might (have. is Naomy's link.