Infrared Satellite Imagery Shows Wildfire Activity in California's Mariposa County

Infrared satellite images released by Maxar Technologies on July 28 show wildfire activity in Mariposa County, California.

Maxar said they used shortwave infrared (SWIR) satellite imagery to penetrate wildfire smoke, allowing them to capture images of the raging Oak Fire on July 27.

In two images, burned vegetation appears in an orange color and unburned areas in shades of blue. Another image captured with SWIR shows burned vegetation in shades of gray and unburned areas appear in shades of red.

The Oak Fire was 19,156 acres (about 30 square miles) and 39 percent contained as of Thursday and had destroyed over 100 structures, including homes and commercial spaces, according to fire officials. Credit: Maxar via Storyful

Video transcript


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