Inflation catches up with Germany's beloved kebabs


STORY: The cost of living crunch is catching up with one of Germany's favorite street foods.

Doner kebabs are soaring in price.

Once an affordable eat, now they don't come cheap.

Rising inflation means Tonbul Grill and Kebab House in Frankfurt has been forced to raise the price for one kebab to almost $10 - up from under $7.

Ugur Yumusakbas owns the restaurant:

"So, basically everyone knows, nowadays the situation has become really extremely expensive, that in order to be able to cover your own costs, you have to make a decision at some point. So, I have also made my decision. Not to offer poor quality, but to continue to add quality and therefore a higher price to be able to continue the business."

For some, the price hike is the absolute limit of what they are willing to pay

Merwan is a customer at the restaurant.

"Well, ten euros is really a lot. It's definitely at the pain threshold, but if the kebab is good, then you can say that you can spend ten euros on it, but ten euros is definitely a pain threshold."

The cost of living crisis has raised prices across Germany.

Restaurant owners in Munich must also grapple with passing higher costs onto customers.

Silja Schrank-Steinberg is manager of the Hofbräukeller pub:

"The purchase price of goose for a local celebration has increased by 80%, which of course cannot be completely passed on to the guest. We have increased the price by about 40%. But more is simply not possible. You can't do that."

Inflation in Germany is currently at 10.4% - the highest it has been for more than 70 years.