Indonesians Love Naruto and Football: Top 10 Searches on Google During Lebaran

Google Indonesia recently announced its report [1] two days ago on the hottest keyword searches used during the Lebaran holiday, from August 17 to 23. This can shed some light on what's trending among Indonesian web users and what they're mostly interested in this year.

Here’s the top 10 list, in its entirety:

  1. Naruto 598

    I read Naruto quite often myself. But I never would have guessed that this popular Japanese manga would be the number one top keyword search in Indonesia! It seems that the Japanese anime fans in Indonesia are more numerous that anyone could’ve imagined. No wonder online manga websites such as MangaHere and Mangastream get a very high traffic ranking - they are ranked 206th and 477th respectively in Indonesia.

  2. SMS Lebaran

  3. Ucapan Selamat Idul Fitri , which means “Eid al-Fitr greetings”

  4. Ucapan Selamat Lebaran , which means “Lebaran greetings”

  5. Pantun Lebaran , which means “Lebaran Poem”

  6. Jadwal Liga Inggris , which means “English League Schedule” It seems that English premier league football is the choice for Indonesian boys. Go Manchester City!

  7. Arus Mudik , which means “homecoming traffic”

    I love Jakarta when it’s the Lebaran holiday, mainly due to there being no traffic jams. It’s all thanks to the Jakartan citizens going back to their hometowns during the holiday. We love homecomings. It seems hell for the people going back to their hometowns though - as pictured in this photo of nightmarish gridlock.

  8. Robin Van Persie

    Arguably the biggest player transfer in the English premier league this summer.

  9. Niat Zakat Fitrah , which means “Intent on Zakat Fitr.”

  10. Resep Opor Ayam , which means “Chicken in Coconut Milk Recipe.”

This tasty dish is the number one most sought-after holiday recipe during the holiday.

  1. Thanks to Kompas for the find!

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