Indonesian singer Rossa says it's difficult being pretty, hounded by gossip

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 — Famed Indonesian singer Rossa laments that it’s difficult being pretty as you will be hounded by gossip.

She has been linked with several men following her divorce from Padi drummer Surendro Prasetyo 13 years ago, Berita Harian reported. The 43-year-old, whose full name is Sri Rossa Roslaina Handiyani, was awarded a Datuk Seri title in Malaysia in 2018.

The latest gossip involved Indonesian musician Reza Arap, who presented a bouquet of flowers to Rossa during her Bandung concert.

“It is difficult being a beautiful woman. I just laugh when I see the comments written on social media.

“If indeed I have a relationship with Reza, it will not be done on stage but backstage.

“After reading the comments, I decided to tweet that I prefer men who have small eyes,” she said.

Rossa also revealed that she received a call from dangdut singer Lesti Kejora on the domestic violence she experienced.

According to Rossa, Lesti contacted her on the night she was allegedly assaulted by her husband Rizky Billar.

“I have good ties with Lesti; we are like sisters. I have known her since she started dating Rizky.

“Two days before delivering her child, Lesti even agreed to sing at my concert.”

Denouncing violence, Rossa hopes that Lesti and her 10-month-old son will be safe.

“I hope the physical and mental wellbeing of Lesti and her son will be in good condition,” Rossa said.

It was reported that Rizky allegedly beat up Lesti after she accused him of having an affair.