Indonesian kids catch crocs with bare hands before releasing them outside their hamlet

Some brave kids in Indonesia took it upon themselves to catch crocodiles roaming their village on Sunday 7 November, by catching them with their bare hands before releasing them back into their natural habitat. The footage, filmed by Budiansyah Pratama, went viral after he posted it on his @budiansyah9305 Instagram page. According to the filmer, the kid's actions were filmed in Hamlet III Parit Minyak, North Labuhanbatu Regency, in North Sumatra province. "Earlier they saw crocodiles riding in densely populated settlements. The crocodiles that were roaming the land were thought to be looking for females. The kids caught the crocodile with their bare hands, then they tied the crocodile's mouth," Pratama said. Footage shows kids carrying the crocodile some distance from the settlement to untie the knot in the crocodile's mouth, then throwing the crocodile into a stream. Responding to this viral video, many Instagram users praised the kids' courage and their kindness in releasing the crocs back into their habitat.

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