Indonesian DJ Gebby Vesta outs as transgender woman, gets fans' praise and support

Mark Ryan Raj
DJ Gebby Vesta outs as a transwoman last week, and receives support from celebrities and fans alike. — Image via Instagram/@gebby.vesta_

PETALING JAYA, Sept 24 — Indonesian DJ Gebby Vesta has surprised and shocked many, coming out as a transgender woman despite heightened anti-LGBT sentiments in the republic.

The 23-year-old disc jockey from Jakarta in a surprise move, revealedon her social media platforms last week that she is a transwoman.

Gebby, whose real name is May Debbyta, uploaded an emotional three-minute-long video onto her Instagram and Youtube accounts that she had undergone gender reassignment surgery around six years ago.


Gebby explained that she has identified herself as a woman for around 19 years and said that not many people knew about her past, as she has persistently denied reports that she is a transwoman.

“In the last 19 years, many people have asked me, ‘Why didn’t you come out?’ ‘Why are you not being honest?’” said Gebby.

“Maybe that’s because you weren’t in my position, I had a lot of uncertainty and went through many things, at that time I was afraid of losing my job.”

She added that she felt that she was haunted by guilt and now was the right time to come out because of several hardships that she has faced over the years, where she thought that God was punishing her for not telling the truth, such as her father’s sickness.

Gebby says after years of lying to the public, it's time to be true to herself and her fans so she can finally be at peace. — Image via Instagram/@gebby.vesta_

“Why am I brave enough now? Because I believe that God has determined everything and I can’t fight God’s fate,” said a teary Gebby.

“I want to completely quit the entertainment business, that’s why I have to come out because I want to leave everything behind.”

Gebby also said that she now wishes to live a low-profile life away from show business so that she can put more focus on her business ventures and take care of her parents.

“Being honest is beautiful, my mother called me and said she was relieved that I came out because now whenever she goes out in public, she’s not afraid of getting insulted by people,” said Gebby.

She thanked her family, loved ones and all of her fans who have supported her and defended her through it all.

Gebby’s video has since made its rounds on social media, with over 52 thousand views alone on Instagram, as celebrities, members of the LGBT community and social media users have conveyed their support and admiration for her bravery.

Comments from celebrities and social media users praising Gebby for her bravery and honesty. — Image via Instagram/@gebby.vesta_

Many Indonesian celebrities and fellow DJ’s showered Gebby with comments of love saying that “she deserves so much love” and that they were “proud of their sister.”

Other social media users chimed in and saluted Gebby for her honesty saying that “she could live better now” that she has openly come out.

“I’m proud of you Gebby, we love you, stay strong sister,” read one comment.

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