Indonesia start-up refills essentials at doorstep


This motorbike courier is delivering refills

Soap, dishwashing liquid and detergent

All can all be ordered through an app called Siklus

NAME: Juweriah, Housewife

"Now with Siklus, we can refill (the bottles) and reduce the amount of detergent plastic waste. Neighbours here have followed suit."

Siklus was launched in 2019

It aims to reduce the use of packaging

Indonesia is the second-largest ocean plastic polluter in the world

NAME: Jane von Rabenau,

"I really think that the response has been really good. People have always told me 'you're never going to change the behaviour, Indonesians don't care' and I was like, I really don't think so... Indonesians across all classes they see the plastic problem, and they care about their country, they care about making it better. And I think this is really why the response has been so good."