Indonesia rescues seven dolphins from captivity

The bottlenose dolphins, five males and two females, were moved from Dolphin Lodge Bali by the island's Natural Resources and Conservation Agency.

Known for its signature "Dolphin Encounter programs", the private marine water park promotes 'engagement learning', according to its website.

The Batam-based conservation company was ordered to close by Environment and Forestry Department in April last year after new environmental regulation prohibits dolphin shows outside the main conservation centre where the company is registered, an official from Bali Natural Resources and Conservation Agency said.

The company came under fire after a viral social media post showed a local artist visiting the supposedly closed facility.

According to the new regulations, dolphin shows are only allowed for educational purposes. In February last year, the ministry also said it will not renew license for operators of "dolphin circus'", a performance that environmentalists have called the "world's cruellest dolphin show".

The dolphins are now being rehabilitated in another marine park. The authorities have not yet decided whether they will be returned to open sea.