Indonesia confident on finding second 'black box'

Indonesian divers say they are close to finding the cockpit voice recorder from the plane which crashed into the sea near Jakarta on Saturday.

Navy divers retrieved one of the two black boxes from the Sriwijaya Air jet on Tuesday, and officials said they had also found the beacon that was attached to the cockpit voice recorder

All 62 people on board the Boeing 737-500 jet are believed to have died after the plane plunged into the sea four minutes after take off.

It had been en route from the capital Jakarta to Borneo Island.

Investigators hope the flight data recorder will help them determine what caused the crash, but officials have warned that their full analysis could take much longer than a few days.

The recovered black box was taken to a port in Jakarta on Tuesday evening.

Indonesia's Search and Rescue Director Rasman MS:

"We will continue our aerial searches. The search area is large, and some debris and victims may have drifted away along with the currents."

The U.S. transport safety board announced on Wednesday they will send a team of investigators to help Indonesia with its probe into the crash.

The Sriwijaya Air plane was nearly 27 years old and had been out of service due to cutbacks because of the global health crisis.

Indonesia's transport ministry said the jet had passed an airworthiness inspection on December 14 and had resumed flying shortly after.

It was a much older aircraft than Boeing's problem-plagued 737 MAX model, which was was responsible for Indonesia's last major crash in 2018, when 189 people were killed after a Lion Air flight plunged into the Java Sea soon after taking off from Jakarta.