'Indisputable progress' made in Iran nuclear talks

Iran and Russia both gave upbeat views on Tuesday about the eighth round of talks over the Iran nuclear deal that kicked off this week as global leaders work to salvage the 2015 agreement, which former president Donald Trump pulled out of three years later.

[UPSOUND: Hossein Amirabdollahian (Farsi)]

Iran's Foreign Minister said a deal was possible in the near future if other parties showed "good faith", while Russia's envoy said a working group was making "indisputable progress" in talks.

Iran refuses to meet U.S. officials directly, meaning other parties must shuttle between the two sides.

The indirect talks resumed on Monday in Vienna.

Tehran is focused on getting U.S. sanctions lifted again, as they were under the original bargain, despite little progress on reining in its atomic activities.

U.S. sanctions have slashed Iran's oil exports, its main source of revenue.

Iran insists all U.S. sanctions must be lifted before steps are taken on the nuclear side, while Western negotiators say both demands must be balanced.

France, Germany and the UK said in a statement on Tuesday that progress had been made, and the parties now need to fully focus on the key issues.

They said while they were not setting an artificial deadline, there are weeks - not months - left to strike a deal.

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