The indigo bunting is a very vibrantly colored bird

Indigo buntings are one of the most striking of all the songbirds that appear at the backyard feeders in North America. They are a rare sight and an exciting one with their vibrant blue plumage. Bird enthusiasts and nature lovers anxiously watch and hope to catch a glimpse of these beauties paying them a visit. This beautiful male indigo bunting made a brief appearance at a seed dispenser in Millbrook, Ontario. He circled the feeder and poked his head inside at each hole, sampling the seeds from each spot. He enjoyed a little breakfast and then flew off to the nearby trees. Indigo buntings frequent the edge of forested areas and farm land, enjoying the hardwood lots where they meet meadows. The birds love seeds and berries, but they also eat a lot of insects and caterpillars. This is extremely beneficial for keeping the moths and caterpillars in check. Without them, trees and other vegetation would suffer and decline as leaves were devoured by the insects. The male of the species is a brilliant blue during mating season, while the female is a brown colour and far less striking. During winter months, even the males are brown. This is very common in birds as more vibrant colour is a signal to the females that the males are robust and carry strong genes, making them the most desirable mates.

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