Indigenous activists protest at COP26

Indigenous people from the Amazon region alone have sent 40 envoys to the COP26 talks to highlight the need to protect their territories.

Guatemalan land defender Andrea Ixchiu said for protesters the COP was "a negotiation of bad behavior" between people who were polluting the planet and those in charge.

"We need more representation for the people. Nothing about the people without the voices and the will of the people" she said.

Activists also brought a 'carbon unicorn' to COP26, saying net zero emissions and carbon markets were also mythical beasts.

A major aim of the COP is to secure more pledges to see net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, and pricing carbon to make it more expensive to emit is also a popular idea among some.

But indigenous activist Bruce Kendall Goldtooth dismissed the idea of net zero.

"I wish that they would drop 'net' and just say therefore zero" he said.

Kendall Goldtooth said there was hope, as demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands that demonstrated around the UK and the world on Saturday (November 6) but said many indigenous people had not been able to travel to the COP26 to make their voices heard.

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