India's railways develop technology to intercept elephants on train tracks and avoid deadly accidents

India's Northeast Frontier Railways have come up with a smart way to intercept elephants walking near the train tracks and avoid train accidents. The company is using a technology, known as the Intrusion Detection System, to detect the presence of these animals. The footage shows a train stopping to let a herd cross the rail track in complete safety. The elephants, approximately 25, can be seen travelling in a line. The new system, which has been in use since November 14, will significantly reduce crashes with elephants. Sabyasachi, an official at Northeast Frontier Railway's (NFR) public relations team, says: "This technology was already there, we didn't invent it, but it was never used for this purpose. In European countries, this technology was used for the live tracking of trains. Oil companies used it to detect leaks". This technology was then modified. "The railways, through the network, have a dedicated optic fibre system. The nature of optics in the fibres change whenever there's a vibration close to it". The NFR used AI to attribute the movements to the animals and identity them.