India's first sologamist marries herself

STORY: This Indian woman married herself

in the country’s first instance of ‘sologamy’

Locator: Vadodara, India

24-year-old Kshama Bindu

followed the rituals and customs of a traditional Hindu wedding

[Kshama Bindu, Vadodara resident]

"My marriage was like any other Hindu wedding. I placed the idols of gods, burnt ritualistic fire, put vermilion, tied 'mangal sutra,' did circumambulation and sat in the rituals. This is how my marriage happened."

A video shared by Bindu shows her family and friends

dancing to Indian Bollywood songs in a small post-wedding celebration

"After my wedding, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I was surprised that what I wanted finally happened…it all became possible and I did it and so I was extremely happy for that."