India's deaths from COVID-19 surpass 300,000

India's total COVID-19 death toll crossed 300,000 on Monday.

The country is trying desperately to save its scarce supply of vaccines by delaying shots for those who have recovered from the disease.

The head of a government panel said on Sunday those who've had the disease should wait three months before receiving a vaccine, instead of the prior one month recommendation.

Under scrutiny for his handling of the world's worst rise in coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made all adults eligible for vaccination earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the capital Delhi will start relaxing its lockdown if new cases continue to drop, the chief minister said.

Delhi has been under lockdown since April 20, but daily cases have declined in recent weeks after peaking on May 9th.

Other states remain in lockdown, including Jammu and Kashmir in the north, where door-to-door style testing has been ramped up in rural areas.

The world's largest vaccine-producing nation has fully vaccinated just over 41 million people as of Sunday, around just 4 percent of its population.

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