India's 52-year-old model hopes for inclusivity

This 52-year-old lingerie model is fighting ageism in India

Location: Mumbai, India

Geeta J is spearheading an online petition with hashtags

'#AgenotCage' and '#LingerieHasNoAge'

to push e-commerce firms to hire older women for their advertising campaigns

(SOUNDBITE) (Hindi) 52-YEAR-OLD LINGERIE MODEL, GEETA J, SAYING:"I was told to model for a collection of cotton bras and panties, because of my age. I do not wear a cotton bra and panties even in my real life and I like wearing fancy lingerie. And these lingerie collections or companies also have active sportswear, and nightdresses as well. I wear a sports bra or activewear during workouts. I wear a fancy nightdress when I sleep. What they said to me meant that I should just wear a cotton bra and panties and that I'm not entitled to look fit or wear fancy night dresses. According to them, I should just wear a saree or whatever that fits their image of me."

The former teacher took to modelling when she turned 50

(SOUNDBITE) (Hindi) 52-YEAR-OLD LINGERIE MODEL, GEETA J., SAYING:"I want to say this to all women: They should care about the dreams of their husbands and loved ones and support them but they should never think that their own life is not important or their wishes are not important. They must give equal importance to their dreams and work equally towards them as much as they would for their loved ones. And age should not be a cage for them. No matter how old or young they are, even if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s, you should live freely."