Indiana firefighters rescue beaver from drain

After a resident in the Tipton Lakes neighborhood discovered a beaver that had appeared to have fallen into a lake spillway drain. When firefighters arrived in the area of Heron Dr. and Goeller Rd., they found what they described as a juvenile beaver moving about the dry drain structure. As firefighters assessed the beaver’s condition, they concluded that the beaver did not appear to be injured or in any distress. The problem was that the beaver had managed to enter the drain, which was approximately 6 feet high, and would have only been able to self-rescue at a time when the water level within the drain would have risen to a point that would have allowed the animal to access the top of the drain. Firefighters entered the drain with a small box and managed to safely remove the beaver, who then waddled away no worse for wear. The rescue took approximately 15 minutes. Video credit Columbus Fire Department - Indiana