Indiana father finds two salamanders living inside MUSHROOM destined for dinner

A father was preparing wild mushrooms for dinner and found two baby salamanders inside.

Matt Haynes, from Wabash, Indiana, picked the edible morels but noticed they were unusually heavy "like something was inside''.

The family felt the creatures moving inside so immediately avoided frying the mushrooms.

Matt placed them on the kitchen sideboard where he opened them up and found two black salamanders wriggling around inside on May 3.

Speaking in the video, Matt says ''we're pretty sure there's a little salamander inside here.... he's just hanging out in there.''

Matt carefully cut open the mushrooms and discovered that there were actually two creatures.

Matt said: "I took the salamanders to where I found the morels and they went back within a few feet of where they came from."

Salamanders are types of amphibians that resemble lizards.