Indian timekeeper flaunts his antique clock collection

STORY: Location: Indore, India

This is one of the largest collections of clocks in India

Source: Limca Book of World Records

Anil Bhalla's family has collected clocks for three generations

He is now in his seventies and has a collection of around 650 clocks

[Anil Bhalla, Clock Collector]

"The collection was started by my grandfather who brought some statue clocks from his foreign visit. He brought a few clocks and then it was my father who was equally passionate about clocks and continued with the collection. Most of these clocks were not in working conditions but we got them repaired."

Most of the clocks in his collection are originals

[Anil Bhalla, Clock Collector]

"I have approximately 650 clocks and most of them are handmade with no duplicate piece. You will not get the same clock anywhere…there will be a slight difference for sure in every clock."

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