Indian singer shot dead in broad daylight

STORY: A famous Indian singer, turned politician, was shot dead in broad daylight in India’s Western Punjab state, according to police on Sunday.

Authorities said they suspected inter-gang violence. Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu – popularly known as Sidhu Mooeswala – died while being taken to the hospital after the attack in the Mansa district.

The Punjab Director General of Police, V.K. Bhawra spoke after the incident, blaming gang wars.

"He - Sidhu Moosewala - had two people with him. There was a car behind his and two other cars came towards them from the front. This is when the firing took place, and where he got his injuries from the bullets. He was declared dead when he arrived at the hospital."

"The Lawrence Bishnoi gang is involved in this murder. Lucky, a member of this gang has claimed responsibility from Canada,"

The violence comes more than three months after Punjab’s state elections.

A member of the singer’s family - Billa Siddhu – spoke to reporters.

"He was receiving threats during the elections. However - he was unbothered because there were many security personnel who were on guard for him. As soon as they withdrew the security forces, his rivals got a chance to harm him."

The state government withdrew personal security for the singer on Saturday.

Moosewala won the Best Lyricist award at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards in 2017 for his rap song 'So High'. The singer made his political debut in 2021 when he joined Congress, which is the main opposition party in India.

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