Indian rickshaw driver stays cool with rooftop garden


How do you stay cool in India's sweltering heatwave?

Location: New Delhi

This autorickshaw driver has a novel approach

He has grown a garden to keep his customers cool

It features at least 25 different plants, some of them edible

They shield the roof from direct sunlight

[Mahendra Kumar, Autorickshaw driver]

"I thought that this will provide a cooling effect during summers so, that is why I grew plants on it. People took a liking to it and told me that they felt really good. Now people often take pictures and record videos of me and my vehicle."

Kumar has also installed fans inside the taxi

[Maya Bisht, Passenger]

"I feel really good that he has greenery and plants atop his autorickshaw. It provides a cooling effect and this feature should stay as it will benefit us. It is sunny but these plants are keeping us cool and providing us with fresh air."

India suffered its hottest March in more than a century

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