Indian nature lover opens a tree clinic

This is India's tree clinic...and it's free!

Location: Amritsar, India

Indian Revenue Service officer Rohit Mehra

has opened a tree ambulance service

to deliver treatment to plants and trees

(SOUNDBITE) (Hindi) FOUNDER OF PUSHPA TREE AND PLANT, HOSPITAL AND DISPENSARY, ROHIT MEHRA, SAYING:"People call us. We ask them to send the photos and details (of affected tree, disease) through WhatsApp. We then forward the details to our team of experts at the backend which includes 10-12 botanist, scientists from PAU (Punjab Agricultural University) and GNDU (Guru Nanak Dev University), and some tree lovers who have traditional knowledge, they provide us the causes of disease and possible solution, and based on the reports, our ambulance goes there and provides treatment."

(SOUNDBITE) (Hindi) CO-FOUNDER OF "TREE CLINIC", PALLAVI, SAYING:"We urge people to plant more and more trees and do not cut them. If something happens to them, then call us. If they are unable to treat plants and trees, then we will do it on their behalf. Our ambulance will arrive and provide proper treatment to the trees and plants."