Indian miniaturist carves millimetre-tall wooden sculpture of chariot

A miniaturist in India whittled a tiny millimetres-tall teak wood replica of a chariot used in a Hindu festival.

Miniature artist Satyanarayan Maharana, 35, of Odisha’s Berhampur city, carved different scale replicas of the Nandighosh chariot used in Puri’s Rath Yatra festival, which took place on June 23.

On May 31, he had created a 1.3 cm-high miniature replica of the Nandighosh chariot.

These chariot replicas are attempts by him to break his own record, being mentioned in the ‘India Book of Records 2020’ for his previous ‘smallest chariot’ measuring 3.556 cm by 3.302 cm.

He hopes to achieve a world record with his latest 1 mm-high chariot, the details of which can be seen only with a magnifying lens.

Maharana stated: "I will send its details to the authorities of record books for recognition,”

“I have tried to add many details as possible to my miniature chariot, including its 16 wheels,” Mr

“In the [previously made] 1.3 cm-high chariot, I had used tiny pieces of cloth for decoration, which is not possible with the 1 mm chariot,”