Indian floods leave dozens dead, missing

Landslides and floods claimed dozens of lives in India's southern state of Kerala over the weekend.

In hard-hit Kottayam, rescuers raced to clear debris from a bridge with an excavator.

A resident described the extent of the damage.

"There were four landslides that happened there yesterday, the hill behind me, which brought water and other items downwards. There are five shops here that are totally flooded out."

The Indian Army and Navy were sent to Kottayam and Idukki districts to aid rescue efforts.

Annual rainfall supports two-thirds of India's billion-plus population who live in rural areas and rely on farming.

However, excessive rainfall sparks not only floods and landslides -- but also water-borne diseases.

In 2018, Kerala saw some of its worst floods in a century.

They killed at least 400 people and displaced 200,000 more.

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