Indian farmers rescue bison trapped in well using excavator

Following a rescue operation, officials pulled out an Indian bison from a water well in southern India's Tamil Nadu.

The incident took place in the Nilgiris district on June 16.

According to reports, the Indian gaur or bison fell into a make-shift well in the area.

A team of forest department officials rushed to the spot to rescue the animal. The video shows the animal stuck in the pit, neck-deep in water.

The officials used an excavator to dig a cavern creating a track for the animal to walk out.

After several attempts, the animal was not able to climb out the ditch by itself.

The officials then tied a rope to its horns and hauled it out of the well while supporting the animal with the excavator.

Later in the video, the animal was washed clean by the officials.

The bison was transported by the forest department for further check-up and is being kept under medical observation.

Post-checkup, the bison will be released into the wild.