Indian farmers plant themselves neck-deep in soil to protest government land seizure

Farmers in north India have renewed their protests against government land seizures by burying themselves neck-deep in the earth.

Footage of the protest on March 2 in Nindar village, Jaipur, Rajasthan, shows the buried farmers campaigning against the Jaipur Development Authority, who have forcefully acquired their farmlands.

The protest (Land Samadhi Satyagraha) was taken up by 51 farmers, 16 women and 35 men, who buried themselves neck-deep in mud pit opposing land acquisition by the government agency.

"For over 50 days the farmers have been waiting for the government’s decision on the matter, but there has been no response from the concerned officials," Nagendra Singh Shekhawat, head of Sangharsh Samiti stated.

The farmers have resolved to continue these protests, until they get a response from the government.