India teenagers dig 30-foot-deep well in just three days during COVID-19 lockdown

Three teens in Manasa, central India, who were bored during the country's COVID-19 lockdown decided to help their village which was facing a persistent water problem.

Arjun, Mahesh and Piyush, members of an extended family in Bhatkheri village near Manasa started digging a well in their courtyard on May 5.

They worked furiously and took just three days to strike water at a depth of 30-feet, using just the equipment they had at home.

A few other youngsters in the family chipped in a bit by helping in shifting the debris.

Thrilled at finding water, Piysu said: “Water supply to our village from a nearby reservoir is erratic. We did not get water for 15 days recently. So we dug up the well to help the village.”