India takes vaccine drive to remote villages, tribes

The rugged and unforgiving landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir, now vaccination hubs.

Wearing protective suits, health workers and administrative officials climbed the steep hills to reach nomads in remote areas on Sunday (June 6) as India continues to ramp up its inoculation campaign.

But it's a mammoth task, less than 5% of 950 million adult Indians have received the mandatory two vaccine doses.

This village is not accessible by any kind of vehicle.

"For the first time, a team of doctors has come to us nomads. We are very thankful to them for vaccinating us all."

The landscape is a world away from the megacities which re-opened for business on Monday, with long queues for buses in the financial hub of Mumbai while traffic returned to the roads of New Delhi after the devastating second wave.

Infections have now hit a 2 month low, allowing authorities to re-open parts of the economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday (June 7) that the Indian federal government would provide vaccines free of charge to all adults from later this month.