Incredible survival: Indian woman and child dragged under train that doesn't stop

CCTV captured the moment a woman and child were dragged under a train in India, that didn't stop even once the alarm was raised. Miraculously, the pair survived with only minor injuries after their ordeal on Thursday 2 September at Jamalpur railway station. At around 4.38pm local time, a woman got down from the Lokmanya Tilak Express to Bhagalpur, carrying her small child. It is common in India for people to board and alight moving trains, which sometimes do not even fully stop in stations. The woman lost her balance and slid between the train and the platform. Fortunately neither she nor the child went under the wheels of the train. Although railway police and staff saw the situation, they did not stop the train. The passenger was 35-year-old Paro Devi, resident in Hawachandra Tola Suryagarha.

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