'Incredible Moment': Football Flies Out of Stadium Onto Residential Balcony During Real Madrid Game

Two brothers were ecstatic when a football launched by a Real Madrid player landed on their balcony during a game against city rivals Rayo Vallecano on Monday, November 7.

Footage by Haider Al Mula shows the ball hurtling toward him and his brother Hamza after midfielder Federico Valverde kicked it out of the stadium when aiming for a goal.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was an incredible moment,” Al Mula told El Pais, according to a machine translation. “The ball bounced off the ceiling and off the glass and landed on a table. It’s a good gift, and the truth is that I would rather the ball end up in my house than in the goal of the Rayo,” he said.

Monday’s game saw Real Madrid suffer their first defeat of the La Liga season, by 3-2 scoreline. Credit: Haider Al Mula via Storyful