Incredible footage from the middle of a shark feeding frenzy

Swimmers in Belize were invited to see what a shark feeding frenzy looked like from the inside. In an area where the sharks are protected and fed as part of conservation and education efforts, these ten foot animals were given fish scraps. With the camera right up close to the action, spectators actually found themselves surrounded by huge sharks, bumping and pushing each other for their share.

Nurse sharks are docile sharks that never attack humans. Bites are extremely rare, and always a case of human error. Their mouths are designed differently than most sharks, and they are not capable of inflicting the same damage with a bite that a reef or bull shark of the same size could. Despite this, swimmers were carefully instructed to keep hands pulled in and to avoid the mouths of the sharks.

Sharks have an undeserved reputation as cold blooded killers. The truth is that they are more likely to feed on dead or dying animals. In this way, they do a lot of good for the overall health of the reef and the delicate ecosystems of oceans worldwide. To lose any species of shark would have disastrous consequences for all who live on our planet.