Incredible close encounter with leopard casually lying on deck of guest room in safari camp

Two men had an incredible close encounter with a leopard they found relaxing on the deck of a room in a safari camp in South Africa. A staff member at the camp first saw the leopard moving between two rooms in the camp at around 10am local time. At the time, the camp's guests were fortunately in the camp's restaurant enjoying a late breakfast, not in their rooms. The filmer and his colleague opted to go through a guest room as a shortcut to the area on the far side of the building where they thought the big cat might be. But they did not get far, finding the fierce feline just chilling on the deck of the room. Initially the leopard was very relaxed, perhaps unable to see into the room because of the reflection of the sun on the glass, but then it got up and walked towards the door, very inquisitive. Fortunately, it soon lost interest and walked towards the pool before finally wandering back into the bush. The filmer said: "In all my years working in safari camps this was a first for me and definitely the closest I have ever been to a wild leopard."

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