Inclusive doll line represents children with Down Syndrome

STORY: This toymaker created a line of crochet dolls

that have features similar to those with Down Syndrome

in an effort to make toys more inclusive

Location: Damascus, Syria

(Safa Hamadeh, Owner of ‘We Do’)

“When children with Down Syndrome enter a toy shop and find a doll that looks like them, it makes them happy.”

They’re handmade using a Japanese

crochet technique called amigurumi

(Sawssan Hamoud, mother to Tala who has Down Syndrome)

“It encourages children to get to know people with Down Syndrome and see them as they are. For them not to be afraid or confused. The dolls are a great idea, I loved it, I did not expect them to be this beautiful. It’s great for other children to get to know more about people with Down Syndrome.”

Profit from the dolls goes to charities

that support children with Down Syndrome