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Ina Garten’s beloved Cuisinart food processor will give you the confidence of a professional chef

It’s one of my go-to kitchen appliances for chopping, slicing, kneading and beyond.

Ina Garten’s beloved Cuisinart food processor will give you the confidence of a professional chef

A food processor is a staple in every chef’s kitchen, able to chop, blend and — so important for bakers — knead with ease. But you don’t have to drain your savings in order to get a great machine, as legendary TV chef Ina Garten, shows. Her go-to food processor — listed on the official Barefoot Contessa Equipment List, along with other brilliant kitchen picks from the Great One — rings in at just $159, a fraction of the price of many popular food processors; we've seen some at $400 that are not nearly as powerful or sleek.

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More than 15,000 reviewers agree: The Cuisinart Custom Pro is the only food processor you’ll ever “knead” (heh heh).

$159 at Amazon

Why this Cusinart food processor is so great (my hot take):

The Cuisinart Custom Pro 11-Cup Food Processor is powered by an industrial quality motor (625-watt) for optimal speed and consistency and comes with a wide variety of accessories: a stainless-steel chopping/mixing blade, a stainless-steel shredding disc, a stainless-steel medium slicing disc, a detachable disc stem, a compact flat cover and a spatula. The upshot? Endless versatility: Chop, shred, slice, mix, puree and knead dough quickly and efficiently.

I especially like how this food processor’s generous work bowl accommodates larger quantities (up to four cups of flour, or a pretty hearty loaf), without taking up much counter space. Because it disassembles easily, you can put away the parts you don't need. And the machine is incredibly easy to use. The opening on top is large enough to accommodate whole pieces of fruit.

What Cuisinart food processor reviewers are saying:

All that being said, you don’t have to take it from Ina (or me!). The Cuisinart Custom Pro Food Processor also comes backed by more than 15,000 Amazon reviewers.

“Powerful and easy to clean,” wrote one verified customer. “This is the brand recommended by America’s Test Kitchen. This particular model is easy to clean because it doesn’t have all the nooks and crannies that other models have. The capacity is great. I use it to make great pie crusts among other things. Appears to be built very sturdy and should last many years.”

“The iconic kitchen workhorse,” said another. “I finally got rid of my old Cuisinart food processor after many years of use. That one was smaller, so I decided to replace it with this larger (14-cup), more powerful version. So far, I love it … It did a great job shredding mozzarella using the disc, and a decent job of grating parmesan using the chopping blade (pink bowl picture) …”

“Sturdy and powerful machine,” added a third. “... So far, it has made perfect pie crust, perfect cookie dough, perfect cracker dough and crushed oreo cookies for pie crust … “

“Very happy with my purchase,” confirmed a fourth. “... I’ve made pizza dough that turned out wonderful and so fast. I make cauliflower rice all the time. It’s so fast and easy. It's definitely better to try to have your florets all cut about the same size. I make butter every week, which is delicious and fun, and I make homemade peanut butter that my husband loves. I’ve also used it several times now for pie dough and empanada dough. It’s super fast and easy and has turned out perfectly every time. It’s very sturdy and doesn't move at all on the counter while I make my dough. It also grates cheese evenly and with very little waste …”

Grab the Cuisinart Custom Pro Food Processor, and perfect all your specialties. It’s BPA-free and backed by a 5-year warranty!

$159 at Amazon