Ina Garten Shared Some Of The Recipes She’s Making For Her “Micro Thanksgiving” This Year

Kelly Allen
·1-min read

From House Beautiful

Ina Garten is making a variety of lovely side dishes for what she calls her “Micro Thanksgiving” this year, and you can make them for your tiny gathering too. The Barefoot Contessa is sharing the recipes she plans to enjoy along with a small roast turkey on the holiday.

“I’m doing the classics but with a modern twist - balancing dishes that are crunchy, creamy, savory, and sweet to go with my favorite (small!) roast turkey recipe,” Ina wrote on Instagram: “It may be a different Thanksgiving this year, but it will still be celebratory and delicious!!”

So far, she has shared recipes for her Haricots Verts with Hazelnuts & Dill, Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes, Herb & Apple Bread Pudding, and Potato Fennel Gratin side dishes. On Instagram, Ina gave a close-up look at the dishes with some insight into what they are and a few tips on how to cook them. Warning: Simply looking at her photos will make you want to immediately get to work in the kitchen. You can find the in-depth recipes on her website.

Ina will be sharing a whole week of Thanksgiving sides from her four-person holiday celebration on her Instagram and website, so there are more beautiful dishes on the way. If you’re not already following her on Insta (um, how are you not?), go smash that follow button. Who knows what dreamy side she’ll release next? Whatever is to come, it will surely involve a fresh take on the classics.

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