What is the impact of recognising Palestinian statehood?

Spain, Norway and Ireland officially recognised a Palestinian state on Tuesday, fulfilling a long-held Palestinian aspiration. Israel has expressed deep discontent with the move, calling it “a reward for Hamas”. As the humanitarian crisis worsens and the civilian death toll continues to swell in Gaza, experts hope the move could give new impetus to peace talks.

In a coordinated move last week, Spain, Ireland and Norway announced they would formally recognise the state of Palestine. On Tuesday, they fulfilled their promise.

Described as a “historic decision” by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a televised address, the three nations hope their initiative will encourage other European countries to do the same.

But the continent is divided on the issue. Of the 27 member states that make up the European Union, only 10 have recognised a Palestinian state: Cyprus, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and now Ireland and Spain.

As long as the US vetoes the decision, Palestine will not be a full member of the UN.

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