Immortality!: Legendary rock band Kiss to 'rock on forever' after last gig – as digital avatars

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — Legendary rock band Kiss revealed at their final concert that they will be rocking on forever — in the digital world.

After touring since 2018 on their End of the Road farewell tour it seemed that members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer were done for good.

During their final concert in Madison Square Garden however, the band revealed they would continue their music through digital avatars, reported The Verge.

In true Kiss fashion, it was a dramatic announcement as the band disappeared in fire and smoke after playing their final song before a video played on the screen.

The video begins in an eerie lake on a fictional planet before silhouettes of the four members, in their digital forms, emerged to the cheer of thousands of fans.

“Kiss army, your love — your power — has made us immortal. The new Kiss era starts now. Oh yeah!” Stanley exclaimed.

The digital Kiss was seen rocking out once again in futuristic instruments as the individual members were projected above the crowd in a dazzling display.

The video ended with the digital busts of the four members accompanied with the words ‘A NEW ERA BEGINS’.

Kiss isn’t the only band that has been revived through technology as disco group ABBA have also ‘performed’ concerts in their younger digital forms, both brought to life by Pophouse Entertainment.

Pophouse Entertainment said in a statement that it would create ‘immersive, avatar-powered’ concerts using Kiss’ Industrial Light & Magic-created digital forms.

The company’s previous efforts to make avatar concerts with ABBA were successful according to Bloomberg, raking RM 9.3 million per week.