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Jump start your car quick with this 'compact lifesaver' — it's more than 40% off at Amazon

Let us set the scene: You're late for work. You grab keys, lock up, jump in car, click seatbelt, start ignition and — whomp, whomp — the blankety-blank car won't start. To make matters worse, there isn't another driver in sight. This could easily turn into a nightmare unless you have a certain passenger aboard: the Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter. This "compact lifesaver" can start your ride in three seconds flat — or less, shoppers say. No other car needed! And right now, it's 42% off!

No need to phone a friend: Jump start your car, truck, even your boat in an instant with this handy gadget.
$65 at Amazon

Gone are the days of coaxing another driver to awkwardly pull in nose-to-nose and nervously connecting your car battery to theirs. This simple solution has completely changed the game for over 8,400 five-star fans and counting. And they're loving how fuss-free and reliable the Imazing jump starter is.

Super easy to use

Reviewers were surprised by how easy this gadget is to use. Just plug the jump cable into the jump starter, attach clamps to car battery, start engine, remove the clamps. And vroom, vroom, you're on your way.

A five-star fan wrote: "Jumps my car battery in two seconds; literally, so easy to use and I feel relieved not having to ask someone to come help me when my car battery dies. Saved me on the road more than once!"

A must-have for women

Many shoppers call this jump starter a safety essential — particularly for women.

One grateful shopper wrote, "This thing has saved my life more than once. I absolutely love it and will not travel without it! Buy one if you are a single female. Don't put yourself in a situation where you need to ask for help. Help yourself!"

"A little peace of mind," added another. "I've only had cause to use this once before replacing my battery, but it worked like a champ. Having a device like this in the trunk is a must, especially for a woman. If you're stuck with a flat battery you don't have to stop a stranger for help even if you have your own jumper cables. Phone charger, extra light source...I think it's invaluable."

No SOS needed! Save yourself with the Imazing Car Jump Starter — now on sale for 42% off. (Photo: Amazon)
No SOS needed! Save yourself with the Imazing Car Jump Starter — now on sale for 42% off. (Photo: Amazon)

Car-pro approved

Professional mechanics and car dealers are giving this device perfect marks as well.

"Impressive! Packs a punch!" raved one. "I am a full-time mechanic that runs a big fleet of pickups/semis and heavy equipment. And when winter comes around there is a lot of stuff that doesn't start. [This] impressed the heck out of me. It has started multiple [engines] that were completely dead. Just a single click when turning the key to having full power and running...The safety features work well. I have intentionally hooked it up backwards to test it. Very impressed and happy with it."

A car dealer added: "I have my own car lot and batteries go dead, so having this thing around helps a lot!!! Beats putting cars together and getting jumper cables. Strongly recommend!!!!"

Versatile multitasker

This smart starter is designed to jump anything from motorcycles and cars to boats and trucks. You can even use it for your phone! And it has a flashlight too.

This reviewer provides the perfect example: "Our household has many different vehicles: Tractor, zero turns, ATV's, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. We are always in need of jumping off slow or low batteries. This product is so convenient and easy to use; we are looking into putting one in each car or truck. We like the fact that we do not have to run extension cords and chargers."

"Extremely well built! Extremely versatile!" raved a fan. "The case you store it in is rugged and very good quality. It fits like a glove. There are so many different things you can charge with it. Two USB ports, plus a standard type C cable connector. It has an adapter to connect a cigarette lighter plug-in as well. The light is very bright. I'm extremely impressed with the quality and versatility for the price. I've seen ones for double the price that weren't half as well built. I'm very impressed!"

Reliable, long battery life

One shopper who was particularly grateful for the long battery life wrote that she was worried "being a female with a 2009 Honda Accord [with a dead] battery in a parking lot." She said she had "bought this battery charger three months ago. To my surprise it had 90% charge still left and instructions were easy to follow. I'll admit I was nervous using it considering I don't know a thing about cars mechanically. After two tries the car started right up. I didn't have to call for help. It's compact, sturdy and comes in handy in emergencies."

No need to phone a friend: Jump start your car, truck, even your boat in an instant with this handy gadget.
$65 at Amazon

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