Illinois Boy Receives Star Wars–Themed Bionic Arm

A seven-year-old boy in Illinois became the youngest United States recipient of a multi-grip bionic arm by the UK firm Open Bionics on April 14. The boy demonstrated the Star Wars–themed prosthetic in video shared by the company.

According to a press release from Open Bionics, Ethan Sappington of Aurora, Illinois, lost parts of all four limbs at age two after he contracted sepsis. Given only a five percent chance of survival, “superhero” Ethan has defied the odds, the firm said. On April 14, he became the youngest person in the United States to receive a multi-grip bionic arm, courtesy of Open Bionics, a UK technology firm responsible for the creation of the “Hero Arm.”

This video, captured by Ethan’s mother, shows the seven-year-old trying out his new arm on April 14, designed after the Star Wars character BB-8. Credit: Open Bionics via Storyful