Ilhan Omar Dismisses 'Dangerous Propagandists' After She's Heckled at Town Hall Event

Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar criticized what she said were “dangerous propagandists” after she was heckled as a “warmonger” during a town hall event in Richfield, Minnesota, on Thursday, October, 27.

Omar was one of 30 Democratic members of Congress who signed a letter, since retracted, calling on US President Joe Biden to pursue direct diplomacy with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

Omar was interrupted during a town hall event on Thursday evening by a man who said, “both parties are for war.”

One person claimed Ukraine was killing its own citizens. Another said Omar was “helping to start nuclear war.”

Another person said it was the United States which had started the war, prompting Omar to say no one took him seriously when he said that.

Referring to the incident the next day on Twitter, Omar said: “You all aren’t anti war protesters, you are dangerous propagandists who are literally making a mockery of the anti war movement.”

This footage, part of a live stream of the event posted by Omar, shows the heckling, and Omar’s responses. Credit: Ilhan Omar via Storyful

Video transcript

- Both parties are for war, so what difference does it make?

- Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like what are we losing by voting?

- You're all for war, both of you.

ILHAN OMAR: There are independent candidates. You can vote for them.

- We thought you were going to do it.

- If you want to change the conversation--

ILHAN OMAR: I've already told you my voting record that you continue to say doesn't--

- You are supposed to be--


- Antiwar.

- Stand up against the establishment.

- Antiwar.

ILHAN OMAR: I am antiwar.

- 80 billion to Ukraine is not antiwar.

ILHAN OMAR: I am antiwar. We are helping Ukraine defend themselves. It is defense.

- Ukraine is killing its own citizens--

ILHAN OMAR: We are helping people survive war.

- --in the Donbas.

ILHAN OMAR: We are helping little children like me that have been beheld war.

- You're helping to start nuclear war.

- Perpetuating the issue.

ILHAN OMAR: So unless-- listen.

- You're pressing the big, red button.

ILHAN OMAR: Listen. Unless you have not been paying attention to what is happening, there are millions of Ukrainians that have been displaced. There are piles of bodies that are being found in mass graves.

- What about--

ILHAN OMAR: There are little children whose lives are being lost!


ILHAN OMAR: You can sit here. You can sit here and talk. But unless you are someone like me that has been that child, you do not get to tell me what my votes mean and how I get to vote in supporting people who desperately need support.


Any other questions? Yes.

- It's the United States that started this war. All Putin said was the same thing.

ILHAN OMAR: There is no one that takes you seriously when you say the US started this war. You need to please-- you need to stop. I don't know what websites you're reading, but you literally are not paying attention. And it's sad. It is sad and dangerous for you to say a war that has been waged by Russia was started by the US.

- No, by NATO.

ILHAN OMAR: It is sad.

- NATO started the war.

ILHAN OMAR: It is sad. It is sad.

- NATO started it.

ILHAN OMAR: It is sad. And I hope that you find the help that you need.

- President John F. Kennedy said--


- --Russia shouldn't put--

- All right, let's go.

- --nuclear weapons in Cuba.

- Let's go, [INAUDIBLE].

- Why are we putting nuclear weapons in Ukraine?

- Is this yours?

- It doesn't make any sense.

ILHAN OMAR: There are no--

- That's why the war started.

ILHAN OMAR: There are no nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Stop saying ridiculous things.

- What about the Ukrainian [INAUDIBLE]?

ILHAN OMAR: That is a very ridiculous thing for you to say.


ILHAN OMAR: Ukraine disarmed itself. There are no nuclear weapons in Ukraine, my god.

- Uh, hi.

- Yes.

- First of all, it's good to meet you. [INAUDIBLE].

ILHAN OMAR: Hold on one second.


- What I wanted to ask is the midterms--