IKEA Singapore launches ‘deeper’ investigation on pest problem amid complaints

After more complaints about some of IKEA Singapore’s furniture being bug-infested surfaced online recently, the famed Swedish furniture brand says it wants to set the record straight on the issue.

IKEA Singapore said in a statement received by Coconuts today that they have launched an internal investigation and reached out to its global heads for advice following several complaints since December last year from customers who said they found swarms of tiny black insects in some of their products.

The brand assured customers that they do routine monthly checks on the entire space they occupy and have not gotten any reports of bug infestation before.

“Our IKEA stores have monthly checks, audits and thorough pest control processes in place that cover all retail floors, store warehouses, restaurants, and bistros,” its statement read.

Their move came after a customer went to TikTok on Monday to complain about her sofa being invaded by questionable black insects. Other customers then chimed in to complain about similar incidents.

Another TikTok went viral in December after a customer went to an IKEA store to slam its storage boxes on the ground after she claimed that the brand tried to place blame for the bugs on her instead. IKEA Singapore then removed the said boxes from shelves.

In today’s statement, the brand said they were aware of the issue with the recent TikTok complaint on Monday and resolved it yesterday, but did not elaborate on how.

They added that all their natural products have been treated before being sold and the bugs could have come from anywhere and are hard to track.

“It can be from supplier’s or manufacturer’s premise, shipping containers, ports, external warehousing, or other touchpoints across the value chain,” it said.

They asked customers who have had similar issues or “feel uncomfortable” owning the PÄRUP sofa range can contact their customer service and head to the store for a full refund.

Clarification: Only customers with the PÄRUP sofa range can request for a full refund.

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